Black cohosh dosage

The significant decrease of estrogen in women between the ages of 45 to 55 can lead to bodily changes that stress them out. As if age and wrinkles weren’t enough, menopause had to come along. There goes sex drive and here comes vaginal dryness, hot flashes, rapid heartbeats, profuse sweating and nausea – just for starters. Sure, hormone therapy can bring those levels back, but statistics also show an increase in breast cancer and heart problems that goes with the treatment. Women have resorted to black cohosh for hot flashes. It is a natural and time tested remedy that has served women from all over the world.

Let me tell you what hot flashes are like. It is a swift and very intense, hot feeling on the face and sometimes the upper body. An increased heart pace usually comes before it or with it. It usually brings along friends like sweating, anxiety, dizziness, headache, nausea. It renders a woman weak and suffocated. It usually leaves them red and perspiring. Then all of a sudden, one is soaked in sweat and culminates with a chill. It can happen while at work, in the middle of a meeting or a party, while asleep, doing house hold chores or even taking a hot bath. This is no fun at all. How long it lasts, no one is really certain. It varies among women and the lifestyles they live and the cycle when they menstruated. There’s no escaping it really.

Thankfully, natural treatments have been passed on from generation to generation. Medicinal doctors used black cohosh for hot flashes then and continued the legacy up to now. Back in the days, they used to brew them into tea and developed a method to extract its essence from the roots and underground stems. They packaged them as solid and liquid extracts so women everywhere can use them. It is also used in women with premenstrual syndromes and with irregular menstrual cycles. It was also utilized in child birth by inducing labor.

Just because it is a natural remedy, it doesn’t mean we can take it liberally. It is always wise to ask a health expert about treatments with black cohosh. You have to consider safe dosage and the time table for allowable treatment that is fit for you.

Health practitioners suggest the following to augment menopause treatments:
• Exercising regularly
• Eating soy-rich foods and switching to a low-fat diet
• Avoiding hot flashes triggers such as caffeine, alcohol, hot showers, smoking, stress
• Staying cool at all times
• Having a fan or a cup of ice nearby
• Staying away from warm clothing like wool and turtle necks if you don’t have to. Use cotton garments instead

Every woman has to go through menopause like they go through menstruation. There is no escaping it. Women do not have to suffer, though. There are dietary supplements like Menozac that contain botanicals. It contains black cohosh for hot flashes relief. Talk to a health expert about it.