black cohosh menopause

black cohosh menopause – Hot flashes with menopause what will help?

First you should to know what causes hot flashes. A diminished level of estrogen has a direct effect on the hypothalamus. Somehow the drop in estrogen confuses the hypothalamus—which is sometimes referred to as the body’s thermostat – and makes it read “overheated!” The brain responds to this report by sending out a wide spread alert to the heart, blood vessels, and nervous system: “Turn the heat down!” The message is delivered in record time. Your heart pumps faster, the blood vessels in your skin dilate to circulate more blood to radiate off the heat, and your sweat glands release sweat to cool you off even more.

What can help hot flashes? There are herbs such as Black Cohosh that can help. Black Cohosh seems to boost a woman’s ability to balance estrogen. Other herbs that can help with menopausal symptoms are dong quai, and red clover.

When women go through menopause their estrogen levels drop 40-60% and their progesterone levels drop to almost nothing. So a woman still has estrogen in her body but no progesterone to oppose it. Estrogen is also stored in body fat and can be picked up by foods we eat and environmental factors. Having estrogen without progesterone to oppose it can cause many unpleasant symptoms, including hot flashes.

There are natural products such as natural progesterone cream that has been found to oppose the estrogen and provide balance so a woman doesn’t get “estrogen dominant” (a phrase coined by Dr. John Lee.) There are also changes in diet and lifestyle that can help with hot flashes and other hormonal symptoms.

The sites I have referenced have more detailed information on diet for hormonal balance, natural progesterone cream and black cohosh.