Can type 2 diabetes be reversed?

Can type 2 diabetes be reversed? I would like to share Marcus’s story.

“Marcus Smith”
Marcus’s story is a story of how he became free from diabetes.

I kicked my type 2 Diabetes out the door and told it never to come back! I’ve been told I am unusual because of the speed that things went for me. You CAN get rid of diabetes! Diabetes is curable!

Here’s how I did it:

In June of 09, I was 5’6″, 196lbs (big belly) when I got a food allergy. Went to a clinic, they gave me steroid shot, didn’t work, went back, gave me steroid pills. Two days later, admitted went to ER because I couldn’t swallow food and heart was palpitating. The ER doc came in and said we’re admitting you to ICU because your BG is 604. (Not a typo, 604!) In the next 5 days was diagnosed type 2 insulin-dependant diabetic and they said my A1C was 13.2!

Well, I fly airplanes. It’s what I love. An insulin dependent diabetic cannot fly…period. That was my incentive. The day I got home from hospital, I donated over half of my cupboards to a shelter and dived into any information concerning healthy lifestyles. I went on a low-carb diet. I slowly started a workout routine. I was diagnosed to give myself pen shots 3 times a day, but I stopped after 5 days – my BG was staying within 80-120. My doc chewed me out for taking myself off, but for me it worked because I did my homework. When he pulled out his prescription pad, I told him absolutely NO prescription meds! I would do what it takes without them.

3 months later, my A1C was 5.6 and my doctor said congratulations, your no longer a diabetic! I had to give up the low carb stuff because I was becoming hypoglycaemic.

Now, I still workout 5-6 days per week, started kickboxing and novice bodybuilding. I eat 5-6 times per day, healthily. I now weigh 170, but am lean and muscular and the ladies notice me!

It’s hard to start exercising, but once you start seeing results, it motivates you to do more. It requires a lot of self-discipline, but I’ll tell ya one thing – I can fly airplanes again.

(Sorry so long, I tried to be brief)