potty training boys age 2

How to Potty Train Your Boy age 2

When the time comes to start to potty train your boy, it is also time to start pulling out your hair and biting your nails. Potty training is not easy, for you or your boy. And if you’ve got a daughter whom you have already potty trained, don’t think you can use the same ideas to potty train your boy. You need to show your boy that he can trust you, and then work together to come up with a way that works best for both of you. A good place to start would be other parents with boys. This might be others in your family, like a sister or a brother with children. It might also be a friend or a neighbor. Anyone who has a boy who has gone through potty training with their own boy. Pick their brains and experience. Keep in mind that no two boys are the same, neither are their potty training techniques.

You might be tempted, when you potty train boys, to show them how to potty standing up. This would be a problem if you are the mom. Doubly so if you are the mom and the only parent. So, you want to sit down. Not to relax, but to show your son how to start learning how to potty. You can tell him about the stand up method later on. It is here, in this sitting position, that your boy will learn how to control his urine stream, by controlling where he points and goes. This way, you prevent wet messes by teaching this basic control method.

Potty chairs are a great way to start, because boys can be a little put off, even afraid, of the big toilet. All the noise the toilet makes, the big hole, and all that swiftly moving water can be a terrifying experience for first time potty users. Use the potty chair to get your son relaxed and “at home” with the toilet, and the bathroom. As soon as this becomes an easy thing for him, then it could be time for your boy to move up to the big leagues and sit on the toilet itself. Remember, boys of all ages are inherently adventurous. Let your boy choose for himself when it is time to conquer the “big, porcelain mountain.” Less stress for you, more excitement for him.

Also remember that, just because he is moving from the potty chair to the big chair, that he is still not ready to stand. You also will probably need to hold him, to keep his little body from falling through to the water below. Eventually, sooner than later (you hope), your little guy will realize that he can, and should, keep himself up on his own. Then, when he has gotten control over sitting and going on his own, he can move to the standing position and learn the next phase of his training.

At this point, mom should relinquish training over to dad, or another male in the boy’s life, like an uncle, or a grandfather, even an older brother. Let’s face it, females just aren’t equipped to train boys with the subtle art of standing and aiming straight. If no male is around to do the job, then you just have to act as a coach and encourage your son how to do what he needs to do. Don’t forget to tell him to take hold of himself and keep hanging on while he is going potty, showing him how to keep his aim true.

Whether it is mom or dad doing the training, always keep in mind that to potty train boys isn’t easy for either of you, but with love and patience, you can get your son through the process of learning how to potty like a pro.